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"Home is where the heart is" - A principle that everyone at Adroit abides by. So, after having served more than 600+ customers, it would be an understatement to say that we have exceeded our customers' expectations in creating unforgettable memories and fulfilling their dreams.

Adroit Urban Developers Testimonials

Mr. V. Arunachalam

PM Digital

We would like to inform that Adroit has been a great organisation for us to work with. All the Members of Adroit are easily accessible to work and most co-operative at all stages. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Adroit in the years to come.

Ms. Faheem

BYT Digital

BYT Digital felt truly honoured to be chosen to work for a prestigious brand such as Adroit Developers. As is common knowledge, Adroit is a one-of-a-kind realty firm best known for their transparent dealing and timely delivery. BYT will definitely feel privileged to be a part of their esteemed projects in the future.

Mr. Shriddar Reddy

Managing Partner
Abhisree Constructions

We worked with many builders in Chennai, but Adroit is one of the best in terms of work environment and payments. Adroit staff are always available to discuss and take things forward quickly. District S site team is very organized and planned in such a way that all the works are executed and completed on time. “Good luck to Adroit Urban Developers!”

Mr. A. Vijaychander

South Zonal Head
Kalpataru Doors

I thank your team for the recent works completed in District S site. Started to be a relatively straight forward project but soon became problematic with its daily challenges in supply of materials and the usage of the same. However, regular contact and communications with the project manager and their execution team ensured that the job was not only completed to plan but ahead of schedule as well. Very happy to work with such an organised and supportive team. We have worked with almost 50+ builders and contractors and Adroit is one of the best clients for us. In spite of several changes in the current market, we have a very friendly relationship. One of the best companies to work with. Very prominent in their commitment and payments. Thanks to Adroit for their support. Good Luck team Adroit!

Mr. Jenner Balraj

Olive Garden Exhibition Solutions

With mingled feelings of admiration and gratitude, I would like to affirm that Adroit has been one of the most renowned and prestigious firms in our city and thanks to my personal commercial link with the company, I can testify to the fact that they not only lend support to our project/ venture by offering valuable suggestions on the technical designs but also prove their integrity by making the payment due to us promptly without any delay. I earnestly wish you great success in all the endeavors you undertake for the welfare of humanity!

Mr. V. Seshadri

Legal Partner

Building a home will always be an experience for all, whether that experience is good or bad is largely dependent on the builder you choose. The credibility and ethics of the builder definitely make all the difference. We have been associated as the legal counsel for Adroit since their inception, and we are happy to note that they are builders, who prefer to err on the side of caution, rather than inconvenience their buyers for a title compromise. Adroit will never compromise on a title, we are not comfortable with. They are known to implicitly follow our advice, all in the interest of their customers. We have not had to deal with any issues from their buyers or buyers advocates, or financial institutions or banks regarding compromise in any legality or firefight on their behalf for any of their acts, omissions or commissions which has been unlawful or unethical. Mr. Gaurav Goenka and his team seem quite clear with their vision that Adroit, will not build homes to last only for a few years, but homes (and their reputation) that will last a lifetime.

Mr. G. Sakthivel

Delta Retail Space Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

We are extremely happy working with Adroit towards BTL & Outdoor Promotions for their Projects. At any given time, I can say that they are really professional, committed in making payments on-time & good team to work with.

Mr. Faiz Ahmed

Corporate Executive - IBM
District S

Satisfied with the perfectly designed spaces and with the courteous marketing staff.

Mr. Suresh Krissna

Film Director
Aura One

Buying a home in Adroit has been a great experience, the best thing about them is the quality of materials they use and also the effective use of space in every project of theirs. My experience in one project encouraged me to invest in their other projects too. Like most builders there have been challenges and issues with the apartments, but what puts them in a different league is that they just don’t stop by taking feedback but work on the challenges and put in their best efforts to solve the problem even after handing over the apartment. Not talking the legal language but understanding the challenges of the customer makes them different.

Ms. Fanis Thiruvadi


I have purchased a new apartment at Ivory from Adroit Urban Developers, Chennai, and I am happy to share my following good experience with you. The quality of construction is excellent. The team has attended to our requirements even after the mandatory 6 months. Even the typical defects found were qualitatively well attended. Instead, they get into the root causes of the errors to set them right. In general, commitments are fulfilled without compromise. I have enjoyed a committed relationship with them.