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Realty Thoughts

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If you are a prospective homebuyer in pursuit of a fair deal, you will very often come across terms like Built-up area, Super built-up area, and Carpet area that are used quite frequently by your real estate agent. As they describe the area inside the house at your disposal, you do not want to be at a loss when you chance upon these terms during the course of your purchase.
For most people, navigating through complex real estate terminologies can be a baffling experience. However, a lack of understanding of the terms should not put you at a disadvantage or cause a delay in a home buying decision. This article will steer you through the concept of circle rate and market rate so that you are able to comprehend the impact of circle rates on your budget.
For every document that involves the transfer of a right, liability, title, interest, and so on, one needs to pay Stamp Duty. Here are the top 7 things to know about Stamp Duty in the course of purchasing a house.