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October 16th, 2019

4 Must-Attend Real Estate Events, Trade Shows and Exhibitions in Chennai in 2019

Real estate events and exhibitions help builders catalyze their business growth by reaching out to a filtered audience. Since only a section of interested audience would care to attend them, these spaces are the right platforms for builders to exhibit their quality. A homebuyer at these events would genuinely look for investment opportunities or a good abode for themselves. These events are panoptic for both builders and buyers as they unite buyers, builders, financial institutions and other important players under a single roof.


Real estate events in Chennai today are becoming more popular owing to the interest shown by homebuyers. These 4 Chennai trade center events are some of the best real estate events, trade shows, and exhibitions in Chennai you might want to attend this year.

1. The Hindu Property Fair

The annual Hindu Property Fair in Chennai is a prestigious event organized by the Hindu Group that serves as a comprehensive platform of connection for buyers and builders. Often called the biggest property expo in the city, it is the right place for homebuyers seeking guidance from eminent realty gurus. The visitors are also walked through upcoming real estate projects of premium builders. The fair helps both buyers and builders connect with bankers and other allied institutions for monetary matters related to real estate. The event has proved its worth to homebuyers since its inception by providing an array of budget as well as functional apartments to look at. Buyers never run out of options here as over 80 established brands participate in the expo.

Date: 12-13 October

Venue: Chennai Trade Center

2.  TOI-ABI (Architecture Buildings Interiors) Expo 2019

This is a coveted exhibition organized by Prompt Trade Fairs group, which has over 300 exhibitions across the country and abroad to their credit. It is one of the most preferred organizers of exhibitions in South India that has helped countless establishments bolster their business. The expo takes place at Chennai Trade Center that emphasizes trends and innovations in the market, where the entire industry is compartmentalized and then given attention to each aspect. It looks at interior design as an inevitable discipline in the industry with a special exhibition of interior decorative products. Home Automation is another aspect the expo tries to shed some light on. The upcoming event in Chennai serves as a platform where businesses get to highlight its quality, novelty, and expertise by exhibiting their products, projects, technologies and equipment. 

Date: 11-13 October

Venue: Chennai Trade Center

3. Architecture and Construction Specialty Expo

Being one of the most popular Chennai trade fairs, this expo captivates the rapt attention of architecture enthusiasts and businessmen alike. The event exhibits a variety of latest architecture products available in the market while uniting competent builders from all over the country. The expo began in 2018 with an impressive turnout of around 4500 visitors and 120 exhibitors. The third edition is scheduled to be held in December 2019 at Chennai Trade Center, which is set to focus on innovation, novelty and suppliers who can deliver both. Industry professionals can attend free of cost while exhibitors have to pay 40,500 Rupees for exhibition booths. Some of the products that will be displayed in the new edition are international kitchen technologies, home and office automation, wood, veneer and floorings, hardware fittings, electrical wires and cables, air conditioning and refrigeration, paints, coats, wall coverings, etc.

Date: 20-22 December

Venue: Chennai Trade Center

4. Times Property Expo

With the right audience and premium builders as attendees, the Times Property Expo organized by the ABEC group is one of India’s oldest and prestigious property expos. Since 2005, it unites leading local, regional, and international developers, who showcase a wide variety of products. This is a comprehensive educational event that saves time and money. Buyers meet multiple builders and bankers; builders get to expand their clientele by meeting potential buyers and investors. It serves as a space of interaction between banking experts, builders, buyers, construction material providers, brokers, etc.

Date: To be declared

Venue: Chennai Trade Center

These events in Chennai are the perfect places to build business relations because most of the real estate events are studded with premium builders in the market. If the promotional products are up to the mark and displayed well, these exhibitions can help create good impressions. A builder can also get instant feedback from buyers and investors and thus work on shortcomings and improve his business.