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October 15th, 2019

5 Spare Bedroom Ideas for Your House

With the recent growth in the IT industry and the availability of affordable apartments in Chennai, people are willing to buy their dream houses as soon as they see one. While buying, they are very keen on the amenities and designs that will make their homes stand out. Location, accessibility, price, and the age of the building play an important role while buying an apartment. However, when making a long-term investment, you must take into account the number of bedrooms that will suit all the future needs or lifestyle alterations. For some homebuyers, a separate space for pets or hobbies might trigger the purchase of a house with an extra bedroom. Based on your needs, you might need 3 or even 4 BHK flats in Chennai.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Number of Bedrooms

If you have kids or have plans of starting a family, you might look for houses with 2 or 3 bedrooms. The concept of space also differs from family to family. While some children might be willing to share rooms with their siblings or grandparents, some children or family members will find this intrusive. Even if you are single but love entertaining guests frequently, you might need a room exclusively for the guests.

With a vibrant IT sector, Chennai is seeing more and more migrant workers settling in the city. This segment of the population will have their parents frequently visit them, and, therefore, would need a 2 BHK flat in Chennai. The working population, especially single, predominantly share houses with their colleagues or other people. When one of the roommates moves out of the shared apartment, the homeowners will be left with an extra bedroom.

Top 5 Interesting Spare Bedroom Ideas

If you buy a 3 BHK property in Chennai but currently use only two bedrooms, you might need ideas for your spare bedroom. Utilizing these extra spaces will improve your lifestyle. Here are 5 spare bedroom ideas to consider:

Home Library

If you love to get a quite read or pen down your thoughts in peace, get a bookshelf and a comfy chair in the extra bedroom to turn it into a home library. You can still entertain your guests in the same room by rearranging the furniture. When you are in a mood to improvise you can add:

·         An elaborate wall-high shelf with partitions

·         A plush chaise lounge

·         A coffee table

When your book collection grows, you can categorize and arrange your books on the shelves. Imagine sitting against the backdrop of a neatly stacked wall full of books, comfortably seated and sipping coffee while you pore over your books.

Kids' Playroom

When you found your perfect 4 BHK project in Chennai because you are starting your family, turning the extra bedroom into your kid’s playroom will be a perfect idea. Your kid will have a fun room, and you can step into a neatly arranged house. Add in these features for a functional and entertaining playroom:

·         A craft table

·         Built-in storage space

·         Themed wallpapers


Home Cinema

If you are a couple who just got your first 2 BHK flat in Chennai, you will find a lot of room when you don’t have visitors. With minimal effort, you can turn the extra bedroom into a home cinema. Draw the blackout curtains, and you can project your favourite movie on one of the walls. Instead, if you want to keep it simple, start with a good flat screen. When your love for cinema grows, you can add more features to your home cinema. Start with a cushy sofa and some bean bags, and later you can explore tiered seating options. You can also add surround sound speakers and a shelf for your favourite DVDs to complete the set-up.

Hobby Room

Are you an eclectic person with a range of interests? Then why not turn one of your spare rooms into a dedicated space for them all? If you enjoy doing pottery/ painting, or if you are an antiquarian looking for the right space to store your precious collection, go ahead and use the spare bedroom that will otherwise be empty. Let your hobbies find the space they deserve.

Home Office

If you frequently work from home or want a dedicated, quiet space to read and write, setting up a home office is a great idea. Build the ideal environment to work in peace by choosing a comfortable study table and a chair. The table can be placed in a bright spot or against the windows. It should also be close to a power outlet for your laptop. Keep the design minimalistic or spruce it up with plants and motivational posters. Or if you want to keep it low-key, add a small desk against the wall and a chair in a corner of your guest bedroom. By adding shelves on the wall above your desk, you can give more space for your guests too.

When people’s preferences and housing needs change, real estate developers build properties that cater to the demands and tastes of potential homebuyers. Adroit Urban Developers have designed and built spacious apartments, penthouses, and townhouses ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms. These properties are built with excellent amenities at accessible locations.